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Get the user-friendly interface and amazing feature with the Hotmail set up on Android. It is featured with modified inbox, labels, privacy settings, and much more surprise when you use it. You can set up it with your phone’s included email application.

How To Setup And Use Hotmail Account On Your Android

Users get confused these days to make the best choice among the email service providers out there. There are ample varieties of email providers like the free or paid version with lots of features. We have bought you the best email service providers with an easy and simple interface and i.e. Hotmail. If you are already using a Hotmail Account and want to access it through the email application on your Android then you have reached the right place. We provide the top-notch solution to Setup Hotmail On Android in the given below steps. Carefully go through the method provided to avoid any error and get access to your profile as soon as possible.

  • On your Android, launch the Email application.
  • Under the email providers list, select as Hotmail is replaced by Outlook.
  • Tap on the button.
  • On the appeared screen, tap the arrow facing downward beside the Select service and tap on
  • Now you need to enter your email ID for your Hotmail Account in the given box and then when you tap the password box the email password page will display where you have to render the password in the given section.
  • Hit the Sign in button.
  • Let the Hotmail Account Information be accessed by email application and then sync them together by tapping the Yes button.
  • You will be sent an email regarding letting you know that you can utilize the Hotmail email app for your email retrieval or if you prefer to use your device’s app then tap a link in the email to be synced instead.

Another Way To Set Up Your Hotmail Account On Android Is

  • From your Android home screen or application drawer, tap on the email application.
  • At the bottom of your email apps screen, go for the process of Hotmail Account Setup On Android by tapping the Add other account.
  • In the given boxes provide your Hotmail email address. Once you have provided the email ID you will be prompted to enter the password. Now tap the blue sign in or login button.

If you are looking for more help, regarding your recently created Hotmail Profile then you can get connected to our services. We help you get rid of all your technical hitches by proving the easiest resolutions that can be understood by even the non-technical users.