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You can now directly set up Hotmail on Mac and enjoy its access now. You need not to browse the official site first and then entering the credentials every time you wish to use it. Moreover, it can be linked to your macOS’s mail application.

Hotmail Setup On Mac

What Steps To Be Followed To Set Up Hotmail On Mac?

If you think that Hotmail is outdated then you have the wrong assumptions. Hotmail services are stopped but they have been replaced by Outlook. You still have access to use your previous addresses. It is also possible to get new address; you can access your addresses in mail screen. can be set up automatically to copy the messages it receives to macOS. If you are a new user trying to Setup Hotmail Account then you can thoroughly read this article as it is very helpful. Firstly, if you already possess a Hotmail account, link it Apple Mail. Using your credentials log in to and confirm your profile is active. If it is not active, then sign up for the new one.

Easiest Steps To Set Up Hotmail On Mac

  • On your Mac, go to Mail icon.
  • Select Add account from the Mail menu.
  • On the appeared screen, click Other Mail Account and click Continue.
  • Type the user ID in the provided field.
  • Click the outlook account password.
  • Hit the Sign In button.

Now take a look in Inbox section of your Mail application, a newly merged mailbox will appear. It shows a number of messages besides it that are copied over to the Mail app. Click inbox to open it and then review the messages.Using your user ID you can respond to the messages & send new ones from inside the application on your Mac.

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